About Us

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  •  We specialize in sourcing and supplying high quality UV bulbs for use in UV Note Checkers
  •  We supply all types of bulbs used in UV note checkers - F4 T5 BLB, F6 T5 BLB & 9W BLB 2G7 Bulbs
  • The bulbs we supply are manufactured specifically for the purpose of detecting fake bank notes
  • They emit UV light at a peak wavelength of 365nm which is the optimum wavelength for displaying the UV security marks on bank notes
  • We currently supply DuraBulb bulbs which not only emit UV light at a peak wavelength of 365nm but are also very long-lasting bulbs
  • We buy in bulk direct from the manufacturer which enables us to offer these bulbs at very competitive prices 
  • We offer FREE Royal Mail 1st Class Postage on all UK orders
  • We pride ourselves on offering fast, friendly and helpful service
  • If you have any queries or would like free advice on any matter relating to fake money detection please feel free to contact us