DuraBulb 2 x 8W Fly Killer Bulbs - Replacement Bulbs for 8W /16W Insect Zappers/Fly Killers - 12 Inch T5 UV Tubes

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Long Lasting 2 X 8W DuraBulb T5 UV Bulbs For 8W/16W Fly Killers

Suitable For Most 6W/12W Insect Killers/Bug Zappers Including EazyZap, Flymatic, Vermatic, Prozap, Xterminate, PlusZap & Many More

Peak UV Wavelength Of 368nm ~ Optimal For Insect/Fly Killers 

Length 300mm (Approx 12 Inches)

Diameter 16mm 

Premium Quality DuraBulb UV Bulbs with a 12 Month Warranty

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